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We are the most important passenger sea bridge in Mexico, creating innovative experiences with the highest quality standard, providing the best service to our community and tourism.

Our Vision

To be the best passenger transport company in the world, through our collaborators, service and boats.


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Ultramar is the most important maritime transport of passengers company in Mexico. Its presence in Quintana Roo is of vital importance in the delivery of services to the tourism industry and contributing to transform the state in a worldwide preferred destination.

Ultramar is known as being a trailblazer in continuous innovation. Since its foundation, passengers needs have been the central focus of its development and growth.

In the beginning of our operations, we provided quality service in the Puerto Juarez to Isla Mujeres route creating the Ultramar Maritime Terminal with modern and comfortable facilities that provide a large covered car park, restaurants, boutique, convenience store, bus and taxi terminals and internet service among other amenities.

For the convenience of our passengers, we also offer service in routes to Isla Mujeres from three piers in the Hotel Zone of Cancún, El Embarcadero, Playa Tortugas and Playa Caracol.

Our Ultramar service has made more accessible and easier to cross to Isla Mujeres and increased significantly the number of visitors to the island, contributing to the development of the tourism activity and therefore benefiting the community.

With the goal of providing increased benefits to our clients, we added service to the route of Playa del Carmen to Cozumel which is the largest inhabited island in Mexico. In the Island of Swallows, we also offer transfer service to the continent to cruise lines that arrive to Cozumel.

The Ultramar Fleet is the spearhead in the evolution of the company and represents more than 30 years of experience and innovation, being the client the central focus point.

The most recent addition to the fleet is the spearhead in our company's evolution, representing more than 30 years of experience and inovation, with our customer's sole interest in mind, being the world's most advanced passenger ferry of its kind.

The ship has been designed and constructed specially by Ultramar's great team in collaboration with Midship Marine in New Orleans, USA and the worldwide recognized Australian naval architect firm Incat Crowther, taking into consideration our passengers needs as well as the the special characteristics of the route it will be covering.

The high-speed JETLINE Class catamaran type ferry is 157 feet in length and is constructed of aluminum with 3 decks and with a capacity for 800 passengers.

It offers both air contitioned as well as covered and open air decks, panoramic windows, children's play area (KIDS ZONE), TV screens, snack bar, courtesy electrical outlets, live music, underwater illumination, new generation gangaways for express boarding. Additionally, it offers restrooms for ladies, gentlemen and families.

Innovating in order to improve comfort and passenger satisfaction, Ultramar raises the bar to a level never seen before. All passengers will enjoy Ultramar Plus Service with NO additional cost. This category surpasses tourist class, and provides a superior quality by offering plush amenities such as ergonomic leather seats of highest quality, designed and constructed in Europe by the same high technology companies that provide Porsche and Ferrari. We offer the most leg room in its class, all this in order to elevate the level of comfort during the crossing.

Exceeding expectations, Ultramar introduces its First Class Ultramar, focused to those passengers who wishmake their journey something even more special. Featuring an exclusive grand luxury area with wider, reclinable leather seating, lounge, preferred boarding and carry on baggage handling.

This boat reflects conscious caring for the environment and our strong commitment to our surroundings. Its aerodynamic design, with lightweight hull made of 100% aluminum and the application of advanced technology, has allowed us to use last generation ecological engines with low emissions and consumption, covering the highest international standards. It also has special lmovent dampening stabilizers, the most modern navigation systems and night vision aids, which will make the journey more pleasant and safe Ultramar, Experience Innovation.


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